Affordable 1600 Square Foot House Plans One Story

The families of today are not so numerous. Therefore, a house with two bedrooms, each with separate bathrooms and integrated spaces. May be the housing solution you are looking for. The living room, dining room and integrate kitchen create a long space that you can take advantage of when you have meetings at 1600 square foot house plans one story. Since everyone will be in one of the rooms without needing to remain isolated from the rest of the party.

You can also take advantage of the splendid furnished patio. The 3D 1600 square foot house plans one story did not leave any details in oblivion. It shows us the large kitchen and dining room integrated, the living room with fireplace, a large master bedroom with bathroom, a large dressing room that connects to the laundry room (a great benefit for practical people). And a smaller bedroom with shared bathroom with the social area of​the house.

A studio near the entrance door and sufficiently independent from the rest of the 1600 square foot house plans one story for privacy. And of course, designed to the garage, with an independent exit for a car. And a larger one, as well there will be greater energy savings. They did not skimp on details but you can perfectly let your imagination run and think what your life would be like there.