Amazing One Story Garage Apartment Floor Plans

One story garage apartment floor plans – When you make an apartment in the garage. You can create this extra space without having to build an addition to your house or move into a new house with more rooms. Garage apartments give occupants of the room the privacy. And comfort they need without being away from you. A garage floor looks unattractive and can be a hazard after years of oil spills, stains and cracks build up. Renovation of the garage floor finish improves the usability and attractiveness of the room. There are a variety of options to cover a garage floor. But painting is the easiest for homeowners who can make themselves.

Oil-based paints are often recommended for one story garage apartment floor plans. But when exposed to the constant humidity levels present in a garage they peel up. Popular mechanics experts say that epoxy-based concrete paints must be used. Buy an epoxy paint a paint if you want to avoid having to mix different chemicals together when you are ready to paint. Epoxy-based bond paints safely to the concrete floor and withstand heat and moisture.

One story garage apartment floor plans process for mixing the concrete paint depends on the type you have purchased. Many epoxy paints are made from two separate parts that are mixed together just before use. You can also mix in 1 pound of specialty from fine grain sand to each gallon of paint to create a non-slip surface.