Building Solid Wood Lift Top Coffee Table

White Solid Wood Lift Top Coffee Table

Solid Wood Lift Top Coffee Table can be a unique and inviting addition to all living spaces. You can customize the design and function according to your interests. Adjust to fit your interior or make it the focus of your living room. Coffee table design is limited only by your imagination. Be creative, and you can have a table that will let your friends talk about your latest project. Have fun, and you will enjoy building your own wooden coffee table.


How to build a wooden coffee table

Solid Wood Lift Top Coffee Table can Place one of the foot of the prefabricated table on the floor, fasten the 44-inch piece of wood to the side of the top surface of the foot with a finishing nail. Take a 16-inch wood trim piece and attach it to the top corner of one of the table legs with the surface nail. Make sure the angle is right on the 44 inch piece of wood and overlap with the trim end of the wood. Secure a 16 inch trim piece to the leg and the opposite trim. Repeat this process for the remaining 16 inches on the opposite side of the frame. You must have a four foot table standing with a wooden square slim frame at the top of the project.

Place an unfinished furnace panel measuring 1 x 20 inches above the frame you just created and the middle panel so that the frame is still on all sides. The panel should hang a frame about an inch on each side. Attach Solid Wood Lift Top Coffee Table to frames with finishing nails. Place the newspaper on the floor and the table covers so that the top is on paper.