Cool Home Plans With Dual Master Suites

Best Home Plans With Dual Master Suites

Home plans with dual master suites – You can increase the value of your home by adding a second master suite. Many families find extra space attractive to in-laws or adult children living in the home. A master suite is a good place to find intimacy and relaxation away from the rest of the family. A house with two expanded bedroom areas will always find a unique place in the real estate market, as it provides a good solution for a large family living under one roof.

Home plans with dual master suites, find room to expand the current makeup base to accommodate a second master suite. If you have a large bedroom area and the adjoining hallway, you can create a master suite without the need to expand the foundations of your home. A master suite requires space to sleep, sit and relax, a large closet, and a bathroom area. Removing a couple of interior walls, it is possible to find this space. If you remove any load bearing walls, you need the help of experts in the reformulation of the surrounding structure. The load-bearing walls literally support the weight of the house.

Home plans with dual master suites, start any plaster area to execute additional outputs or lighting fixtures in the main room. Decide where plumbing and drainage pipes are going to enter the area. Frame all the walls of the room, closet and bathroom with tables of 2 by 4 inches. Leave space for a garden tub, large shower and vanity area in the bathroom. Place wall studs in 18-inch centers. Run the electrical wiring and any network of ducts to the area for heat and air. Install the floor system in the new master suite.