Cozy Pole Barn With Apartment Floor Plans

Pole Barn With Apartment Floor Plans Wood

The pole barn with apartment floor plans of a single level is very popular nowadays, because their distribution can provide comfort and functionality, without the need to occupy large spaces. There is an immense variety of designs that can captivate us; here we present a selection of apartments that can be charming to live, according to the needs of each family. Choose your favorite.

Of delimited but pleasant spaces, so we could define this design in which the living room and the dining room share the area. The choice of cheerful and fun furniture makes it interesting and also striking. Small and ideal for a single person or a couple, this pole barn with apartment floor plans design is cozy and also comfortable. The living room, the dining room and the kitchen are shared in the same area. The decoration is punctual and the white color of the walls favors the luminosity of the place.

With wooden floors and high ceilings, this design offers a quiet view, in which large spaces predominate. The furniture is simple, does not saturate and then, contributes to create a style of total simplicity. It is worth highlighting the windows that give natural light to the place. For large families or people who enjoy the spacious spaces, this one-level pole barn with apartment floor plans is spacious. Its dimensions allow the inclusion of various furniture elements. Note the impressive window and the two ceiling lamps located in the room.