Design Of Lift Top Ottoman Coffee Table

Luxury Lift Top Ottoman Coffee Table

Lift Top Ottoman Coffee Table adds storage and visual interest to a room. While it is possible to purchase a sofa table in a variety of styles, it is also possible for anyone to make a coffee table with simple components. Here is a simple sofa table making method with glass and tubes.


Measure the height and length of the sofa back. This measurement will give you an idea of ​​how long and long you will need a sofa table. Make sure the measurement for the Lift Top Ottoman Coffee Table is slightly smaller than the actual measurement couch. For example, planning on a table is 3-6 inches shorter than the top of the back sofa, and 3-6 inches shorter than the couch. Get 3:57 parts of thick tempered glass square. You can choose to go with smoky or clear glass. In terms of thickness, use at least an inch. Make sure the edges of the glass parts are cut to the length you need for the coffee table, and the edges and corners are rounded.

Buy enough PVC pipe to make 5:56 feet for your Lift Top Ottoman Coffee Table. To save time, the tube has been cut into the same length in the store. Cut a hole for the foot at 2:58 pm with a tempered glass section. Use a tape measure to identify the whole location, and measure the diameter of the PVC tube to calculate the size of the hole. Use a glass cutter to make a hole. Make sure the hole is large enough to shift the PVC pipe, but small enough to fit. This will improve table stability.