Detached 3 Car Garage Plans With Apartment Ideas

Modern Detached 3 Car Garage Plans With Apartment

Detached 3 car garage plans with apartment – Extending your garage can raise the value of your home, but it’s not an easy task. Make sure that a good job is done by planning carefully and using sound execution. The extended garage should match the existing structure. If the work shouts “In addition,” potential buyers could perceive the work as fuzzy.


Design your extended detached 3 car garage plans with apartment. You will need to look closer at the existing structure to ensure that your design matches with roofing, brick color and proportions. You may feel more comfortable employing an architect to design extension for you. Use a shovel to dig the foot of your extended garage. Dig to a depth of at least 15 cm (6 inches), and use the tool to support the sides of the excavation. Add reinforcement mesh to the bottom of the excavated area and pour the concrete over the mesh that covers it.

Use another piece of wood to tamp concrete – that is, to hit it several times to flatten it, level it and remove any air bubbles. You need a helper for this. Build your outer and inner walls using block work, remember to leave openings for windows, doors and additional detached 3 car garage plans with apartment at the front of the building. Carefully remove the old outer wall of the garage (now an inner wall) using a slurry. Conduct steel poll to hold the weight of the extended ceiling.