Ideas Of Modern Craftsman Style House Plans

Innovative Modern Craftsman Style House Plans

Modern craftsman style house plans were popular in the early 20th century because of its simple construction functioned as a counter. Craftsmen home is recognized on their low-frequency seating roof with exposed roof beams. Covered verandas or tires that have columns that support an overhanging ceiling. As with any home, a well-planned and executed landscaping can enhance the beauty and appearance of your Craftsman house.


Place plants in front of the porch walls. If you want to hide the walls, install a row of bushes and trim them. So that they are a few inches below the floor in the porch. If a solid line of modern craftsman style house plans does not appeal to you, break them up with flowers planted in between them. Plant flowers along the edges of the front lane to frame the walkway, tie on the yard to the house and accentuate geometric lines of a craftsman style house.

Install hanging plants along the lower edge of the veranda roof. This is a hallmark of a modern craftsman style house plans and enhances the summer-looking porch. If the plants have long vines, they add some privacy to the space. Place the rope lights around the beams and rack on the porch to take advantage of this special Craftsman feature. The lights provide soft lighting for people sitting on a porch and making the sight of your house come alive at night.