Ideas Of Coffee Table With Hidden Storage

Original Coffee Table With Hidden Storage

Coffee Table With Hidden Storage – Browse second hand stores and flea markets for vintage suitcases and low-rise chests or travel tents with visual impressions. Turn the suitcase or chest into a coffee table with secret storage. The inside of the case can be updated with hidden storage tanks and space divisions that are tailored to the features you need for your personal living space. Magazines, DVD and craft supplies are some of the items you can secretly store in your hidden storage coffee table. The outside of the suitcase can be left as is, or painted in a shade to match your decor.


Paint or bend the legs in a color that will complement the chest or suitcase it. Will tie in a color from the interior of the room the Coffee Table with Hidden Storage is intended for. Allow to dry according to the paint or the manufacturer’s instructions. Turn the suitcase or chest over and examine the underside. Cut any torn fabric to make the underside neat. Measure and mark the corresponding locations for each of the four legs.

Screw the legs into the best plates. Turn on the Coffee Table with Hidden Storage and open the lid. Staple new fabric over the old lining, mounting to the contours of the case. Choose fabric to match the old color scheme if you can save the top of the suitcase where your pocket is. Cover the exposed edges with recording or trim using a glue gun. Background wood divider in your choice of colorful print and patterns. When they are dry, put the parts in the chest. Place the storage tank and close the lid.