Impressive 1300 Square Foot Ranch House Plans

1300 Square Foot Ranch House Plans Stone

We have selected models of 1300 square foot ranch house plan built on small and medium-sized land. These designs use different construction materials. So the reader will complement your ideas to apply them according to your requirements, let’s see. The house has three bedrooms (a secondary bedroom uses bunk beds). The main one has a bathroom; you can see in the plans a very clear zoning.

To the right of the map we can see the private area. And the left the social area that includes a large room with dining room and also kitchen. If a small plot of land is available, there is the possibility of creating a second floor to correctly complete the needs table. In this 1300 square foot ranch house plans it has been possible to create two bedrooms. And then, a second level with a large room with direct access to the terrace – dining room.

It is possible to build this house on land with wide and long, four bedrooms have been create (one of them can eventually be a study room), social area to the center with visuals to a virtually closed terrace. The design of this 1300 square foot ranch house plans is symmetrical. With an impressive high ceiling ideal for houses locate in warm climates. It has two bedrooms and then, a social area locate at the center, the garage has been designed outdoors with capacity for two cars.