Making Black Coffee Table With Storage

Modern Black Coffee Table With Storage

Making Black Coffee Table With Storage

Black Coffee Table With Storage – So you want to build yourself a nice coffee table. A good wooden coffee table is important in all rooms, and can add character as well as functionality. Coffee tables, like most furniture, tend to be somewhat expensive; ranging from a few hundred to one thousand dollars.


Set up how much Black Coffee Table With Storage you want; height, depth and width. Write down your measurements. Your coffee table needs the following items: a table top, which will be where you set things up; an under frame of the same size, which will add extra storage as well as additional stability (and also determine the length of the table); four legs (which determines the height of the table); four pieces of support (which will determine the width of the table); and two additional support pieces (which lay down the support length on the table).

Does anyone in the shop cut the necessary pieces of wood you need with a chainsaw. This will ensure a more accurate cut, as well as less wasted wood. Sand down all rough edges of the wood. Then, color the wood with whatever color of wood stain you want. You will need to make at least three layers of the stain. After each layer, allow the wood to dry for at least 48 hours. Build the frame for your Black Coffee Table With Storage, lay out the four legs on the floor. Take two legs and connect them with one of the shorter support pieces at the top of wood, using a wooden screw. Repeat on the other ends of the legs, but a few inches from the floor. Repeat with the other pair of legs.