Nice Small Craftsman Cottage House Plans

Small Craftsman Cottage House Plans Ideas

Small craftsman cottage house plans style brings to mind the quiet night on the porch, delicious homemade food and a relaxed lifestyle. It is possible to bring some of this informal atmosphere to any home with the addition of country color. In the style of the countries of America, the color combination revolves around red, white and blue. French country includes much black, red, white and yellow, with other colors that we used as accents.

Black is usually a color accent in small craftsman cottage house plans. Then, use black for decorative items, such as watches, lamps, and picture frames. Black is generally used more for the French style of the country rather than the countries of America. However, black can make the smooth transition between the two styles when used in small doses, since it complements almost any color.

Cornflower blue is a basic color for the styles of the small craftsman cottage house plans. It is a strong color and works for walls, furniture, decorative pieces and curtains. Cornflower blue often used in combination with red or white, as in pictures of old flags or in pictures. Navy blue is a darker alternative to cornflower blue. Marina has less of a purple tone and carries on the bolder side of the color of the country.