Nice Two Story Prairie Style House Plans

Two Story Prairie Style House Plans Decor

Two story prairie style house plans – Prairie style houses are houses built in the style of the architectural legend of frank lloyd wright. The characterized by simple horizontal lines, wide and colors inspired by nature; A Prairie style house is very similar to an artisan style house. The design prairie style name after its resemblance to the prairies themselves. Decorating a prairie-style house is a rejection of the ornamentation and excess of the Victorian era. Instead, its decoration should emphasize simplicity and clean lines, along with a strong structure.

Then, furnish your two story prairie style house plans with pieces of wood in natural stains and muted colors. The lines and colors of the furniture in a prairie house should be simple and clean. Then, allow the craft work of the piece to shine through. Use built-in furniture such as shelves and cabinets whenever possible to highlight the quality of the construction.

Incorporate geometric patterns in treatments for floors and windows. Then, strike and clean designs like diamond shapes and repeated square prints work well in two story prairie style house plans. The geometric quality of this design inspired the interior graphics of the mid-20th century. So you can draw pieces from this era as well.  Installation of moldings around window frames, baseboards and wall borders. Paint these moldings flat white or finish the wood with a spot of maple light.