Painting Glass Coffee Table With Storage

Round Glass Coffee Table With Storage

Glass Coffee Table With Storage is available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Coffee table provides an area for drinks, plates, magazines and other items. Glass tops can be ready or smoked to match any decor. Krylon Fusion color can change the color of the glass so it is no longer transparent. This type of color is available in colors that match drapes, furniture and accent pads to coordinate a living room.


Take a Glass Coffee Table With Storage outdoors and place it on a flat surface. Place the newspaper under the table to protect the grass or concrete from spray mist. Pour rinse alcohol onto the glass table top. Wipe the entire surface with household paper to clean all leftovers and debris outside the glass. Take a piece of fine sandpaper in one hand. Sand the whole table top into small pieces, working in a circular motion.

Wipe the Glass Coffee Table With Storage top with a cotton cloth to remove any small particles from sandpaper. Place the magazine or paper bags on all wood areas that do not require color, and tape them in place with masking tape. Shake a jar of clear color primer for three minutes to blend it properly. Hold the spray cans 6 inches from the surface of a corner of the table. Press the knob on the spray can, and move across the table in a straight line. Release the knob at the other end of the table. Also make strokes as something overlaps for full coverage. Work on the other end of the table until the entire surface has the primer.