Practical Goal In House Plans With Screened Back Porch

House Plans With Screened Back Porch Style

House plans with screened back porch, made of wood or stone, have this structural element that is very common in homes with a warm climate. Such as the Mediterranean and is different from the pergolas, which are spaces only to create shade. Besides having a major importance in regard to the architecture of the house and its decorative atmosphere. It is a place that allows being outdoors and enjoying nature.

For this reason it is considered that house plans with screened back porch is one more room of the house. Possibly more “lived” than any other. In this sense its decoration is basic. It is important to study its location. And design in relation to housing to achieve a practical goal in its use. Another issue to consider is its orientation that must be such that it shelters the winds. So we have to choose the most protected facade of the house.

When house plans with screened back porch is projected, it must be taken into account. First of all, the climate for its design and style. It must have a good orientation, so that the sun in summer does not enter the living area. But it is deep enough, so that the eaves slow it down, but that it is not an obstacle to the enjoyment of the sun in winter. Each case must be resolved in a particular way.