Smart One Story House Plans With Porches

Cool One Story House Plans With Porches

One story house plans with porches are characterized by a single floor design and an indoor tone. They tend to have large patios in the backyard instead of prominent porches. If your ranch house has a monotonous or unimpressive porch. You can camouflage and give life to the facade of your home with creative and beautiful landscaping. The choice of flowers, shrubs and trees that bloom at different times of the year can create an ever-changing palette of colors throughout the growing season.

One story house plans with porches, soften the corners of the porch by planting evergreen shrubs at each corner. The advantage of evergreens is that they will maintain their appearance throughout the year, which prevents your home from looking sterile in the winter. Place a stone, brick or cement walkway from the street or driveway to the front porch. If you do this first, then you can add flower beds. And other plants around the catwalk over time.

One story house plans with porches, dig up the lawn in front of the entrance and around the evergreens that you can plant in the corners of the terrace. Replace the lawn in this area with a rich top layer of soil and compost. Plant your favorite flowers in this area. Plants flowers that grow tall towards the back and the ground cover towards the front. Put boxes of flowers on the rails of your porch. Plant plants and ivy climbing in the flower boxes and allow the poles and rails to grow down. This will make your porch look less hard and more attractive.